Clothing Talks – Autumn Outfit

I’ve always found it throughly interesting that you can tell a lot about a person just based on the clothing they wear. The fact that you don’t even have a conversation with someone in order to get an idea in regards to what they’re about is really quite something. And in this fashion driven society, there are so many options and possibilities out there to create a style all your own.

I’ve decided to start posting what I’m currently just calling “Clothing Talks” until I can think of something more witty to name it. This type of post will consist of an outfit I’ve put together for everyday or a special occasion. To me, a lot can be learned from an outfit, so it would be foolish to exclude fashion from a blog that’s all about examining life.

This first outfit is perfect for an average autumn day in Michigan.

Outfit #1

The outfit embraces the change of seasons with the fall colored jacket, yet still keeps a sense of style with the ankle boots, bag, and jewelry. Just because the weather is changing doesn’t mean all personality has to be lost in favor of warm sweatshirts and Ugg boots. There’s still room to express yourself while adapting to the season. Plus the satin top is just really cute with the skinny jeans.

2 thoughts on “Clothing Talks – Autumn Outfit

    • I found myself having the same exact problem when I found the pieces for the outfit. I want everything now so badly!! I have so many outfit ideas for different occasions so be sure to check back soon!

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