Thoughts on Summer

From “The Ugly Truth” at – Originally posted on June 9th, 2009


Ideas of good times and fun, sun-filled days rarely apply to the actual happenings of summer. Youthful ideas of summers spent frolicking through sprinklers are replaced against our will with ugly truths of boredom and brain-cell killing entertainment. Sporadic days of somewhat significance are encased in weeks of plundering and naught.



Plans with friends scrawled upon the pages of a yearbook now misplaced never become more than just words. The rarity of these plans following through is astounding.



Hours upon pointless hours are spent watching soaps and reality television in the meager hope to find some ounce of substance in an otherwise futile existence. Even though television companies know of the bountiful supply of minds just begging for stimulation during the long summer months, no show reflects this knowledge.



We as the teenage population look forward to summer, and yet when it comes, we are time and time again faced with the daunting task of not losing our minds from sheer and utter boredom.


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