Thoughts on Facebook

From “The Ugly Truth” at – Originally posted on June 11th, 2009



We’re addicted. As a society, we cannot get enough of status updating, link sharing, and note writing. Hours are spent eyes glued to the news feed in curiosity to see what new post will pop up next. I, myself, fall to the intense allure of the many activities Facebook holds. The ugly truth of it all though, all our attention that we devote to Facebook is not being spent doing something more productive.



Of course, focusing time on the essay that would much rather be left unwritten doesn’t sound remotely as much fun as finding out with ethnicity you should actually be, but that’s not the point. Facebook is a brilliant means to communicate with friends, but it should not become the dominating part of a person’s life. Actually spending time with people face to face is important.



So continue to browse another Facebook friend’s prom photos, but keep an eye on the time. If you have not lived life outside of Facebook, then what will you have to talk about when you’re actually on Facebook? There are only so many top five lists you can create until you actually need to experience things for yourself.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Facebook

  1. It’s funny how there’s a Top 5 Things You’d Like to Do Right Now… and how so many of people’s answers are completely doable right now.

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